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best web site design idea
Fine tune / touch up dull Image using Photoshop

By: Layout Galaxy

This newsletter covers step by step practical guide to convert dull scanned photograph to very clear and natural looking Image. Dull Scanned photograph is provided along with steps to make it clear and natural, with the help of learn by doing technique you will be able to fine tune dull Images sent by client.  More>>

What is CWD ?

Cool Web Design, is a global benchmark and a source of design inspiration for web designers. Renowned designers from all over the world indulge into this site and exhibit their passion for creativity. It's the perfect food for thought for those budding designers, as well as those who love to be provoked with new web site design ideas and designs. The credibility of has won high respect all across the world. Since this site is quite a beneficial reference for visual professionals, it is updated weekly to keep you in touch with the latest in

best web designing ideas

and concepts. Cool Web Design is maintained by group of young and qualified web professionals

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Cool web site design inspiration
We know it takes a lot of sweat and tears to create a really professional website. If you already have been through the grind, then your website must be something that could be a design inspiration for others. We would appreciate if you submit your site for perusal by our team. Because, if they think your site has some uniqueness to it then it will have the honour of being displayed on our portal. More>>

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.dk exhibits your products and services to thousands of web designers, developers, freelance graphic designers, art directors, web masters and web professionals ranging from different age groups and skill levels.

Cool Web Design

is a common platform to reach

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world wide. Thousands of potential customers visit our site on a daily basis, providing your products and services with a high visibility. More>>

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cwd is a recognised site amongst website designers world wide. A link to can add a quality tag to your website. Since it is updated with at least 10 new sites every week, a recommendation to this

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site will introduce your visitors to a world of remarkable designers and their works. Moreover cool web design also provides tutorials, free downloads and lots more making your visitors appreciative of the provided link.

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